Barcelona Digital

Barcelona Digital Technology Centre is a leading research and innovation centre focusing on Health, pharmacy and other sectors. digital uses the C2Call SDK to develop e-Kauri, a new platform for healthcare for the elderly. C2Call Video Chat is very easy to operate and works across all major platforms, ideal for the healthcare support of senior citizens.

eKauri uses environmental sensors and monitors at the patient's home 24/7. The system analyzes the data and sends important notices to the relatives of the patient and the control center, where caregivers take care of dependents. Family members may know at all times how is the patient's health is in real time and can contact their loved one any time through the C2Call realtiem communication features.


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EKauri benefits:
    • 24h Care: your family are safe 24/7 by our cargivers
    • Summary of problems: automatic detection of problems (fire, gas leak, flooding, inactivity ...) and notice to our caregivers.
    • Consult your state: check at any time how is your family via your mobile or PC.
    • Disease prevention: helps detect diseases such as kidney failure, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's or dementia principle.
    • Independence: because I like home anywhere, the system allows our elderly live longer without help (professional caregiver / residence).

About us

C2Call GmbH leads the way in introducing next generation mobile and browser-based calling solutions for the computing cloud. FriendCaller for iOS and Android are built using C2Call SDK, and demonstrate the unique capabilities to establish a peer-to-peer connection with any mobile platform and with any Internet browser without prerequisite software installations. With the new C2Call SDK, developers would now be able to integrate features alike FriendCaller in their existing or new apps on mobile.