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Free VoIP Calls

C2Call GmbH has developed a cutting-edge browser-based VoIP technology that not only enables users to make voice calls but also let them make live multi-party group video calls. The Java-based, cloud-hosted VoIP application can instantly turn any web browser into a phone, with video call functionality. Using Java Virtual Machine (JVM), calls are made directly from any browser without the installation of proprietary software such as Adobe Flash, or other plug-ins.

Besides the popular BrowserPhone, C2Call SDK can empower any existing or new app on Android or iOS with the voice and video calling functionality. Users are connected peer-to-peer, and the strong bandwidth structure allows them to make crystal clear voice and video calls with other users, for free, and regardless of what platform the calling participants are on. The SDK currently supports up to 7 video and 20 live participants, who can talk and see each other at the same time, without switching between the screens.

About us

C2Call GmbH leads the way in introducing next generation mobile and browser-based calling solutions for the computing cloud. FriendCaller for iOS and Android are built using C2Call SDK, and demonstrate the unique capabilities to establish a peer-to-peer connection with any mobile platform and with any Internet browser without prerequisite software installations. With the new C2Call SDK, developers would now be able to integrate features alike FriendCaller in their existing or new apps on mobile.