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Enhanced Text Messaging with C2Call

Via C2Call SDK, app users can send text messages (SMS) to more than 400 global networks. It cost only 5 cents per message to most of the networks! Developers can check out what C2Call charges for the Call and SMS, and can set their own rates for their users. Furthermore, developers can enable the users to attach media files with their text messages. Images, audio or video clip will then be hosted on the C2Call app cloud, and recipient(s) will only be able to view it with an authorization URL, which appends to the text message automatically.

TIP: App users who reserve a DID phone number with caller-ID, can send FREE texts/SMS and make FREE calls to US numbers (more countries coming soon).

No one likes to answer anonymous phone calls or respond to texts/SMS from unknown numbers! Users can verify their mobile number, and recipients will get their number as Caller-ID. Verification is simple: App sends them a text at their number of make a call via Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service with a 4 digit code that the user key in their verification screen for instant verification. Furthermore, users with DID set as their Caller-ID can hide their number to appear at the same time.


About us

C2Call GmbH leads the way in introducing next generation mobile and browser-based calling solutions for the computing cloud. FriendCaller for iOS and Android are built using C2Call SDK, and demonstrate the unique capabilities to establish a peer-to-peer connection with any mobile platform and with any Internet browser without prerequisite software installations. With the new C2Call SDK, developers would now be able to integrate features alike FriendCaller in their existing or new apps on mobile.